D. Simon & Associates

We specialize in claims related to:
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Water Damage, Pipe Breaks, and Water Overflow
  • Windstorm, Hail and Storm Damage
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Vehicle Damage
  • All Other Peril Insured Under Your Policy Provisions
Your insurance company hires professional adjusters and experts to protect their interest. You should too!

Call D. Simon & Associates today to schedule an immediate on-site inspection at no cost to you. This assessment will include a review of your insurance policies, inspection of physical damage and recommendations to the insured.

At D. Simon & Associates, we will aggressively handle your claim to ensure that you receive a fair settlement and the full extent of the benefits to which your policy entitles you. We have more than a decade of experience in the industry and offer an unparalleled expertise on insurance policies, co-insurance, depreciation, building and personal property damage assessments, repair and replacement costs, and negotiation.

We understand how devastating it can be to suffer losses to your home or business due to a fire, flood or other circumstance, and it can be difficult and confusing to know just what to do next. D. Simon & Associates provides compassionate, personalized service and will walk you through the claims process every step of the way. We serve clients throughout New York and New Jersey and are always available to answer questions.

Once retained, we promptly perform the following services:
  • Secure your property from further damage.
  • Review and analyze your insurance policy.
  • Contact your insurance company and arrange all appointments and inspections.
  • Prepare all building, contents and living expense estimates and reports.
  • Ensure all your rights are protected under the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • Provide assistance with finding and obtaining alternative housing, if required.
  • Document, present and negotiate your claim to the insurance company.
  • Obtain the insurance settlement YOU DESERVE!
Call us today to expedite the claims process and get the settlement you deserve.
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